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Why our clients trust our board-certified attorneys?

Non-criminal matters are resolved in civil court. Choosing the correct civil trial attorney for your claim can make a significant difference in your case. Beginning the selection process is often daunting. You can ask friends and family for a referral, but their case may be different from yours. A Google search may lead to information overload because of the attorneys available in the New Jersey area. As of the year 2000, there were 1,443 Board certified attorneys out of 55,687 in the state.

Understanding how and what it means for an attorney to be Board certified may prove beneficial to you in your search.

How Certification Works

Only the New Jersey Supreme Court can certify attorney. The Court determines which attorneys are worthy based on their experience, education, knowledge and skill. An attorney may receive certification in civil trial, criminal trial, matrimonial or workers’ compensation law.

An attorney must meet rigid standards for certification. The requirements are:

  • Five years or more in good standing with the New Jersey Bar
  • Fulfilling ongoing continued legal education requirements
  • Ability to demonstrate a level of experience in civil trial law
  • Received favorable evaluations from fellow attorneys and judges familiar with their work
  • Passed the civil trial written exam

What A Certification Means

Receiving Board certification is an honor and allows the consumer to recognize attorneys with an established history of success within a practice area. Certification programs promotes the maintenance and improvement of attorney competence in specialized fields of law.

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