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Conviction on a drug-related crime can mean severe penalties that include a harsh mandatory minimum prison sentence, the seizure of personal assets and property, stiff fines, the suspension of your driving privileges and a lengthy period of restrictive probation. The non-legal consequences of a drug conviction, especially in matters of future employment, can be just as tough.

For these reasons, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your legal rights and options as soon after your drug arrest as possible.

At the law offices of Hagner & Zohlman, former Municipal Court prosecutor and recognized New Jersey “Super Lawyer” John Zohlman will handle your case from start to finish. Mr. Zohlman offers nearly 20 years of experience in the criminal and municipal courts of South Jersey and Philadelphia, and an extensive record of success on behalf of defendants charged with all types of drug crimes.

Mr. Zohlman handles matters involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, designer drugs such as “ecstasy” and pharmaceutical drugs such as Oxycontin or Valium – and charges for offenses such as drug possession, sales, distribution, manufacturing and trafficking or smuggling. Mr. Zohlman also handles cases that involve “sentence enhancing” factors such as school zone violations or firearms possession.

Challenging the State’s Case

Admissible evidence is needed to convict you of a drug crime.

If your were “entrapped” by an undercover officer, if the warrants used were obtained on the basis of false information provided by an informant, if an illegal search and seizure of your person, home, business or vehicle was conducted – the evidence obtained, and any other evidence that initial evidence leads to, is not admissible.

As a firm, we routinely file motions to suppress evidence on the basis of entrapment and constitutional violations, including illegal search and seizures and the failure to observe our clients’ Miranda rights.

In fact, in one major reported appellate case, Mr. Zohlman was successful in suppressing 1500 pounds of marijuana “evidence” that was found in a tractor trailer. We have also had success in getting matters dropped, dismissed or charges reduced by challenging the case on the basis of a lack of actual possession.

As your lawyer, Mr. Zohlman will carefully review the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, explore all available defense options and aggressively challenge the state’s case at every opportunity.

Tough Laws Demand a Tough Defense

For an attorney who can effectively defend you and protect your rights after a drug arrest – call or e-mail the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, law firm of Hagner & Zohlman today.

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