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Skillfully Resolving Contractual Disputes and Construction Defects Claims

The attorneys at Hagner & Zohlman are experienced litigators who frequently handle construction claims on behalf of contractors, subcontractors, and customers both residential and commercial. These disputes are frequently contractual, and often involve issues such as timeliness of commencement and/or completion of projects, the scope of work, and/or quality of work.  

Construction defect disputes are often lengthy, time-consuming, expensive, and complex cases, that typically require the use of experts to help identify and testify as to defects, or lack thereof, and to further opine as to any necessary remedial work. While our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to handle matters through trial, these cases are often best resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution and the use of experienced Mediators or Arbitrators.

Dedicated Defense Of Statutory Claims Against Contractors

New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, in connection with the Home Improvement Practices Code and Home Improvement Contractor Registration Code, provides for potentially significant penalties for contractors who find themselves in violation of the requirements of New Jersey’s statutes and codes. For example, all residential home improvement contracts greater than $500 must be in writing, signed by all parties to the contract, contain the contractor’s registration number, and the total contract price, among other things.  

New Jersey has also declared many practices known to be employed by unscrupulous contractors to be unlawful. These laws impose strict requirements on businesses and individuals performing home improvement work with limited exceptions. 

This is true whether a contractor makes a one-time honest mistake or repeatedly engages in unlawful practices. Therefore, contractors and consumers staying aware of their rights and obligations is imperative when it comes to home improvement contracts in the State of New Jersey.

Fire Loss Claim? Insurance Agent or Broker Malpractice?

At Hagner & Zohlman, LLC, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, our lawyers represent businesses and individuals who have suffered economic losses caused by fire. We handle insurance company negotiations as well as third-party claims for damages not covered by insurance.

Our Certified Civil Trial Attorneys actively investigate and aggressively pursue compensation for clients throughout New Jersey. We have prevailed in a number of lawsuits against insurance agents or brokers for failing to procure adequate coverage to cover a fire loss.

We seek compensation for damage to:

  • Homes, garages and structures
  • Cars, boats and personal property
  • Businesses – lost income due to interruption of business, and costs associated with reconstruction and re-establishing operations

Insurance Agent or Broker Malpractice:
The Tragedy of Uninsured or Underinsured Fire Loss

A fire loss can be devastating in both personal and property damage. Imagine the horror when you come to the realization that the insurance coverage you paid for doesn’t apply or isn’t enough to cover your losses. In estimating economic damages in fire damage claims, we sometimes find that the insurance agent or broker failed to write a policy that fully covers the replacement costs. We have successfully sued for professional malpractice in cases, proving that the agent’s negligence exposed the policyholder to many thousands of dollars in uninsured losses.

Third-Party Negligence Claims

For fire losses not covered by insurance, we may be able to recover damages from the parties directly or indirectly responsible for the fire. We have handled fire and property loss claims into the millions of dollars. No litigation is too complex for the experienced trial lawyers of Hagner & Zohlman, LLP.

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