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South Jersey Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Although it was not always the case, domestic violence is now taken very seriously by police, prosecutors, the courts and society as a whole. Today, in fact, if police are called to a scene where abuse has been reported and they have any reason to suspect that abuse has or will occur – someone will be arrested and a temporary restraining order will be imposed.

Once these wheels of justice have started to turn, not even the alleged victim has any power to stop them. Right now, if you have been charged with a domestic assault or with violating a restraining order, do not wait to contact an attorney about your defense.

At Hagner & Zohlman, we treat our clients as people, not as criminals. We understand how easy it is to be charged with a domestic violence offense. We understand that this can happen to anyone. We know how serious the consequences can be. What we provide are the benefits of significant, successful experience with domestic violence defense and the personal attention that clients deserve as well.

Domestic Violence Charges

New Jersey lawyer John Zohlman defends clients who have been charged with various criminal offenses involving domestic violence, including:

As a former municipal court prosecutor, Mr. Zohlman knows what it takes, and has what it takes, to help clients minimize the damaging consequences or avoid conviction on these and other domestic violence-related charges.

Vacating Old Restraining Orders

Unless you have taken the necessary steps to have them expunged from your criminal record – restraining orders that were entered years ago, that no longer have any relevance to your life today, can still continue to hurt you personally and professionally. Our firm helps doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, corrections officers and others navigate their way through the expungement process.

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