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There’s no such thing as a “free bite.” If you are bitten or attacked by a dog or other animal and require medical treatment for your wounds, the owner of the dog is strictly liable in New Jersey.

Contact an experienced dog bite lawyer at Hagner & Zohlman, LLP, for a free consultation. These case are routinely handled on a contingency fee basis. This means, we don’t get paid anything unless we recover money for you.

Do I Have A Claim Against the Dog’s Owner?

In most cases, the homeowner’s insurance coverage will cover the damages. The owner of the dog is responsible whether the injury occurred on or off their property, whether the animal was leashed or unleashed. Even if the pet was chained in the yard or fenced in, the victim can collect if they had an invitation or right to be on the property. The dog does not have to be a pit bull or a “dangerous breed.”

It is also not necessarily for the dog to actually bite the person. Our firm represented a client who was injured when a dog ran loose into the street, causing a car accident.

We have litigated many dog bite cases, including the tragic case of a woman killed by a Doberman she had obtained from a shelter. We represented the victim’s family in a wrongful death claim where our investigation discovered that the dog – unbeknownst to the adopting couple – had recently attacked another human and had been requested by the former owner to be euthanized. It was not, and it was placed back into the adoption pool with tragic consequences.

What Does A Claim Cover?

In any dog bite case, victims can sue for medical expenses, lost wages, scarring, nerve damage, and other permanent disability. Children often suffer severe facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery. Animal attack victims and family members who witness the attack may also may be able to recover emotional trauma damages as well.

For aggressive representation in pursuit of compensation for your injuries, contact a Cherry Hill dog bite lawyer at Hagner & Zohlman, LLP. We offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your claim.