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When it comes to denials of disability claims by private disability insurance companies and employer-sponsored insurance providers, the South Jersey law firm of Hagner & Zohlman offers the disabled the uncompromising representation they need to find the benefits they deserve.

We provide counsel to individuals with a wide range of injuries and illness on every aspect of their long term disability insurance claims. Whether your claim is covered by a private insurance plan or group disability policy, we will counsel you as you prepare to file your claim, wait for a response, and dispute the decision of an insurance company.

With over forty-five years of shared experience as aggressive litigators, our disability and ERISA claims attorneys can help you understand your disability insurance claim, interpret your policy, and fight for the benefits you are entitled to under state and federal law.

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Did The Insurance Company Deny Your Disability Claim?

Long term disability insurance is provided either under an employer’s disability carrier or a private insurance policy. Unfortunately, as insurance companies face increasing costs and a drive to maintain high profits, they work to limit the disability benefits that they pay out by denying claims for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, state and federal laws protect policyholders from an insurance company by providing them the opportunity to file breach of contract, “bad faith”, and ERISA claims to challenge the policy provider’s decision.

Like the policies themselves though, long-term disability insurance claims can be complex and the actions of the policyholder have an important impact on their state law and ERISA claims.

As Certified Civil Trial Attorneys, our attorneys confidently take on the largest insurance companies in the nation, including Harford, MetLife, Prudential, and Unum, while helping clients understand the right steps to take to succeed in your claim. Respected by the bench and bar in New Jersey, we are regularly trusted by colleagues to handle the legal needs of their clients.

Understanding Your Rights Under ERISA

Disability insurance provided under group plans are governed under the Early Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Nowadays, the federal statute controls the administration of almost every private employee benefit. Under the guidelines established by ERISA, filing a claim and finding the benefits you are entitled involves important time limits and an internal appeals process that has important implications for later courtroom litigation.

The internal appeals process is complicated, requiring claimants to present documentation of important aspects of their disability and work at a formal appeal. Contacting an ERISA claims attorney early is essential to designing the right approach to asserting your claim and providing as much information as possible-especially where complex injuries and illnesses are involved.

Long term disability insurance claims that fall outside the control of ERISA are governed by New Jersey law and differ from federal claims. Unlike ERISA claims, an action against a private provider requires only that an individual prove they are disabled, rather than contest the reasonableness of the denial.

Even in long term disability insurance claims against private insurance companies though, it is important that individuals understand their policy and contact a disability lawyer for the best approach to handling a “bad faith” or breach of contract claim.

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