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Even if you are never actually charged or convicted of anything, the mere allegation that you have committed a sex crime can be tremendously damaging. If you have, in fact, been arrested and formally charged with a sexual offense – then you also face an uphill battle and challenging odds of getting a fair result.

At Hagner & Zohlman, we offer uncompromising legal representation to individuals who have been charged with sex crimes in southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area. What we also offer is the personal attention of a former prosecutor and recognized criminal defense lawyer John Zohlman. As an experienced attorney, Mr. Zohlman understands the importance of handling these matters with discretion, with efficiency and with an eye toward minimizing the harsh impact that even an unsubstantiated charge can have on your life.

You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We believe in that statement. We do not judge. We stand by you through the entire process – fighting relentlessly and aggressively calling into question the evidence and handling of your case by police and prosecutors alike. No matter what public perceptions might be, we know that your constitutional rights must be protected. And that is what we will do.

We defend the rights of people who have been charged with various sexually-oriented offenses, including:

In addition to long prison sentences, a conviction for most sex crimes also means highly restrictive probationary terms and mandatory sex offender registration (SOR) under Megan’s law. In previous cases, our firm has helped clients avoid the most onerous, least dignified sex offender registration requirements by applying to have their Megan’s Law level reduced.

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