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Disability Benefit Denials In New Jersey

Most people who have long-term disability insurance obtain it by purchasing an employer-sponsored, ERISA-governed benefits package that includes medical and life insurance as well. Others purchase individual policies from private insurers – policies which are governed by a blend of contract law and insurance law.

What all long-term disability policyholders have in common – once their claims for benefits have been denied – is a need for experienced legal representation.

Help With Long-Term Disability Denials

At Hagner & Zohlman, our Certified Civil Trial Attorneys draw from more than 50 years of combined litigation experience and provide clients throughout New Jersey with uncompromising legal advocacy in cases where long-term disability insurance benefits have been denied. What we also offer is personal attention. At our firm, each and every client works with and has their legal issues handled by an experienced firm partner (Thomas Hagner for most disability claims) from start to finish.

A Denied Claim Is Not The End Of The Story

Our lawyers routinely handle appeals of denied insurance claims and appeals of benefit terminations in administrative hearings and in state and federal courts. That said – you may have only a limited amount of time in which to file your appeal and we encourage you to contact us about your claim denial before too much time passes.

Acting to Protect Your Rights

In most cases where long-term disability benefits have been denied, the insurance companies have huge advantages over their policyholders – especially with claims governed by ERISA. The mistake that most people make is assuming that because they feel disabled, and because a doctor has agreed with them, they will get their disability benefits at some point. In reality, the process is a great deal more complicated and tricky.

By hiring experienced legal counsel to represent you early in the process, even at the initial application stage – many pitfalls can be avoided.

Our firm will work closely with you and your doctor to make sure disabilities and impairments are properly documented, and with other specialists as needed. We will make certain that what needs to be in the claim file, is actually there. We will explore all other potential sources of liability as well. No effort or resource will be spared in our attempts to secure the benefits you deserve.

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Our practice is respected by the bench and bar of the New Jersey legal community, and is routinely trusted by colleagues to handle the legal needs of their clients against even the largest insurance providers.

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