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Though they may seem minor, New Jersey traffic violations can have a significant impact as drivers incur points on their record, and points on their record can lead to the suspension of an individual’s driving license and increased surcharges from New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as your own personal insurance company.

At Hagner & Zohlman, LLP, our years of experience representing clients throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ensure that you will get the very best representation possible. We routinely handled traffic violations cases on a flat fee basis to make it as cost effective as possible for our clients.

In addition to working on a flat fee basis, we also offer free consultations and accept Visa and MasterCard. Call 856-320-5322 or toll-free at 856-320-5322. Contact us today to find out how we can help with even seemingly hopeless driving records to have licenses reinstated or attain a reduction of the remaining suspension period.

In many cases, we are able to get the traffic ticket dismissed or the charges reduced.

Traffic Violation Defense

We handle all New Jersey and Philadelphia traffic infractions:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • Racing
  • Running a red light / failure to yield
  • Illegal passing
  • Driving on a suspended license / driving with a revoked license
  • Driving without insurance (mandatory 1-year license suspension)
  • DUI / DWI
  • All major and minor traffic offenses

New Jersey MVC Points and Your License

Your driver’s license will be suspended if you accumulate 12 points on your license within one year. Traffic violations usually carry 2 to 5 points – more for serious offenses such as drunk driving or leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury. See the full list of MVC points for various offenses. For out of state drivers, offenses may result in DMV points in your home state.

Other Penalties and Consequences

A traffic citation also carries fines and court fees, and major violations can result in insurance surcharges. Insurance companies may also sharply raise your rate for certain violations or for accumulating too many points.

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