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South Jersey Municipal Court Defense Lawyers

Although many of the charges that are typically heard in front of New Jersey Municipal Courts can be resolved without the aid of a lawyer, an experienced defense attorney will help individuals understand their case and protect themselves against the often-serious consequences of Municipal Court convictions.

At the South Jersey practice of Hagner & Zohlman, individuals can find the counsel they need to protect their rights and their interests in all municipal court matters. From New Jersey traffic violations to more serious criminal charges like drug possession, our practice offers the professional skill and experience of a former Municipal Court prosecutor to help you make the informed decisions that lead to a successful defense.

Municipal Courts in New Jersey: Traffic Violations and Minor Criminal Offenses

The New Jersey Municipal Court system handles a wide variety of criminal charges, minor offenses, and procedural aspects of the criminal law:

  • Minor Drug Possession
  • Harassment
  • Arraignment and Bail Hearings
  • Violations of Municipal Ordinances
  • Truancy Violations
  • Fish and Game Offenses

Hagner & Zohlman offers defendants the help of aggressive counsel and attentive service to protect clients from the serious consequences that result from convictions. Guilty verdicts in New Jersey Municipal Courts can carry with them serious consequences, including license suspensions, monetary fines, incarceration, probation, and restitution.

Committed to offering the best representation possible, our attorneys protect the rights and interests of individuals with effectively-designed defenses. Our attorneys provide the expertise of distinguished litigators, attentive service, and cost-effective rates. Contact our New Jersey traffic violation and criminal defense attorneys today.