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Employer-sponsored insurance providers offer disability insurance policies not because people want them, but because they are convinced that selling the policies can be profitable. They are convinced of this, in large part, because the rules concerning the denial of claims are severely tilted in their favor.

In practical terms, this means that if you purchased a long-term disability policy from an employer-sponsored provider and have had a claim for benefits denied – you will likely get nowhere by talking to the insurer and trying to get them to reconsider. Instead, talk to an experienced lawyer.

At Hagner & Zohlman, LLC, we help people find the relief they need and the economic support that they are entitled to under their policy of insurance. Our attorneys offer uncompromising representation, truly personal service and the benefits of more than 50 years of combined experience in civil litigation. This area of our practice is statewide and is managed by Certified Civil Trial Attorney Thomas Hagner.

Our ERISA practice includes claims based on physical, mental and emotional impairments, some of which are clearly evident, others less so – all, however, affect the lives and work of our clients daily. Our lawyers are respected by the bench and bar of the New Jersey legal community, and are trusted by colleagues to handle the legal needs of their clients against even the largest insurance providers.


The Early Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is the federal statute governing the administration of employee benefits plans and outlining the rights and responsibilities of employers, beneficiaries, and insurance providers under any such plan. Unfortunately, under the guidelines established by ERISA, filing a claim and obtaining the benefits you are entitled to can be a complex process.

To make matters worse, your rights as compared to the rights you would have in a bad faith and breach of contract claim against a private insurer are severely limited. For instance, in an ERISA claim you have no right to recover anything but the benefits you should have been paid anyway – no matter how outrageously or maliciously the insurance company behaved.

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