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Private Long-Term Disability Claims

If you have been denied disability benefits but purchased your long-term disability insurance privately, as an individual and not through an employer-sponsored group benefits plan – you have the right to appeal that denial at the administrative level, or to take your case to a state or federal court.

Help With Privately-Purchased Long-Term Disability Claims

At Hagner & Zohlman, LLC, we help people to obtain the benefits they are entitled to under privately-purchased long-term disability insurance policies, and under policies governed by ERISA as well. Certified Civil Trial Attorneys Thomas Hagner and John Zohlman offer uncompromising representation in these matters, truly personal service and the benefits of more than 50 years of combined experience in civil litigation.

Our firm has aggressively and successfully challenged long-term disability benefit denials and benefit terminations behalf of countless claimants. We understand the complex process of insurance disputes, administrative hearings, and appeals to state and federal courts. We are unafraid to take on even the largest insurance companies.

In fact, we are trusted by our colleagues to do just that and routinely represent clients in varied occupations who have been referred to us by other lawyers from across the state.

The Lengths the Insurance Company Will Go To

Generally, people who have disability insurance and who suffer from disabling physical injuries, conditions and long-term illnesses receive disability benefits equivalent to about 60 percent of their previous wages. In the big picture, this represents a significant amount of money – money that insurers will go to great lengths to try to avoid paying.

In real life, insurance companies will often hire private investigators to obtain proof that you are not incapable of working. They will photograph you in and around your house, at shopping malls or gas stations – basically anywhere they can. They will watch you pick up a bag of groceries from your car and extrapolate that one instance into a claim that you are not disabled (even though your benefits might have been for a heart condition).

They will send you to new doctors of their choosing (whose reports are sure to contradict any previous medical finding of disability). They will also pour over your medical records looking for even the slightest suggestion that your disabilities stem from a preexisting condition (a fact which, if established, would conveniently let them off the hook).

Dealing With a Denied Insurance Claim? We Can Help.

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